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For existing businesses, it is important to remain competitive through having efficient management. This allows businesses to optimize their profit margin and shorten the return on their investment. We divide the management assessment into cost-based analysis and sales maximization analysis.

Cost Analysis

This includes revising the menu cost recipe, efficiency of staffing and payroll structure as well as general operation management that may caused higher operating expense. These include the looking at the following factors:

  1. Menu profitability
  2. Staffing & Payroll
  3. Operational audit & review
  4. Supply chain management
  5. Budgeting for each department
  6. GOP & EBITDA outlook
  7. Cash flow management

Sales Maximization

The evaluation looks at the efficiency of space usage to sales, and how to maximize sales per square meter. This also evaluates the different channels of sales and distribution for the store to maximize its revenue with existing resources. These include the following criteria:

  1. Existing & potential revenue generator
  2. Price structure
  3. Revenue per space usage
  4. Value creation factors
  5. Competitive benchmarking


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We see F&B as a form of comprehensive art. Therefore, we value creativity as it gives each of our project a unique DNA that differentiates us from competitors.

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Meeting & Contract

After reviewing your request, we will tailor the contract and work of scope to your needs. Once it has been finalized, a meeting is set up to sign the contract.

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Inspection/ Field work

Our team of specialized personnel will send an expert related to the scope of work to inspect your property. This can be done anonymously or through scheduled appointments.

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Evaluation / Report

After thorough inspection, we will summarize our findings in a report for your review. The final copy will be printed and presented.

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When the final report has been submitted, a meeting is scheduled for the presentation of our findings and how to implement the new action plan.