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For those who wants continuous support during operation, we provide 2 types of management options depending on the level of involvement the Client requires of us. For both contracts, we provide consistent, long-term support at different levels of involvement.

Management Contract

The management contract gives 100% responsibility of managing the property to CIC FNB. We handle everything from operations to back-office and provide monthly reports to the Owner. This type of contract is most suitable for Owners who:

  1. Want a passive investment.
  2. Do not have experience with the industry.
  3. Want to integrate all work with the HQ of CIC FNB.
  4. Require a lot of personal time not related to the business.
  5. Open to profit-sharing structure.


Franchising mainly targets Owners who want to operate their own property but need an existing brand value that CIC FNB has to offer. This is generally an owner-operation style structure and is suitable for Owners who:

  1. Want an active investment.
  2. Have certain level of experience in the industry.
  3. Have time to undergo training with CIC FNB and maintain brand standards.
  4. Willing to pay commission fee to sustain the marketing, content creation and brand value. 


These are the operation factors required for the service sector.


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Email Your Request

Send us the details of your project, concerns and which area you would like us to look at to our website contact page (www.cicfnb.com) or to fang@cicfnb.com 

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Meeting & Contract

A meeting between the Client and CIC FNB team to determine what kind of operation option is under consideration.

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Site Visit & Brand Selection

Site visit is done by our team members to determine the appropriate brand for the market and review the existing operation performance (if any).

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SOP & Training

The Standard Operating Procedures is set up depending on the brand. This provides a guideline for the operating team to follow. Regular checkups will be done by our team to maintain brand standards.

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Month-end reporting and evaluation is provided to the owner, including financial statements, performance evaluations and business analytics.