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The best way to get a deeper understanding of your business and “what is the best solution / options?”, a professional consultation is a safe and efficient way to help you make decisions. This can later lead into what type of branding/franchising or type of operations is most suitable for your business.

As each business is unique, CIC FNB offers a customized consultation services depending on the business needs. This includes operational assessment (for existing restaurants), market feasibility, sales and development advice, or a full-scale service for development of concept to menu design, interior design and operation preopening-setup. This can be by project basis or long-term consultation service which covers design and conceptual phrase to operation.

Our team is well experienced in consultation projects, which is not limited to restaurants but also includes hotels, condominiums, hotel residences, retail, leisure mixed-used developments and other type of real estate projects in countries including South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Japan, and Mainland China.


Operation Assessment

Operation Assessment Includes analysis of existing operation of F&B business and provides solution to optimize efficiency and reduce costs that may incur due to inefficient management.



A comprehensive consultation service of a new development, which includes site analysis, demand and supply analysis, and financial projections of investment and Profit & Loss statement.

Sales &

Provide assessment of existing revenue stream and offer solution to increase the top line as well as marketing outlets. This includes proposing revenue optimization strategies and marketing channels.

With our expertise in developing and running several F&B outlets and other hospitality-related industry, we offer management services for existing operation. This includes adjustment of existing outlet to optimize revenue and lower costs, as well as having a centralized tracking system to ensure transparent and efficient management. Some of our scope of work for management service includes:

Construction Management

Pre-opening set-up

Hiring / Training employees to comply with standard operating procedures

Developing/upgrading food and beverage menu

Purchasing & Procurement

Finance & Accounting

With our established brands, we offer opportunities to franchise our restaurants worldwide, and we will manage it for you! Our restaurants also work on several collaborations with other brands to feature in our outlets. The services in franchising agreement includes the right to use our brands, transfer of know-how and technical skills, as well as centralized procurement, marketing and administrative department


Interior / Exterior Design

Design is the essence that allows our customers to experience unique environment. This is not limited to spatial design of interior and exterior, but also extends to music, menu, and all details that make F&B a comprehensive art.



F&B Content Design

In addition to the menu concept design, we also create our own recipes to ensure that all of our restaurants have a unique DNA associated with the concept. This includes continuous revision and improvement of our existing recipes as well as new creations, which allow our restaurants to maintain sustainable growth. We also offer to create new recipes for existing restaurants that have difficulties in Research & Development field. 


 Check out some of the menu created by our team below.

Brand Development

(logo & merchandise design)

In order to create a strong identity that is associated with each brand, brand development is necessary. Strong brand image leads to brand awareness, which create loyalty and positive reference and value to the products and services provided. Brand development includes everything from strengthening the brand identity through strong visualization, choosing the appropriate representative and distribution channel, as well as creating relevant content to the brand.z


Media is the most essential platform for increasing publicity in the short-term. This includes the brand’s individual media channels via social network. Therefore, carefully selected media channel to the correct target demand can drive growth sustainably and efficiently. Some of the media CIC FNB has worked with includes TV shows, dramas, magazines as well as governmental organizations, and our company an advise you on how to launch your new outlet or increase current publicity.

Product Placement

Working in collaborations with other products / brands can be a good way to increase publicity and value. CIC FNB works with several brands that have common target market to our existing customers. This includes product placement within restaurants as well producing our own F&B products that can be distributed in other offline and online stores. 

CIC FNB supports the development of the hospitality industry. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing training services to internal and external individuals, companies and organizations. This includes other restaurants, educational institutions or service-related companies.

We are also open to working with government and non-profit organization to promote tourism and hospitality industry in South Korea in order to support local community!


Kitchen training includes development of food menu, kitchen set-up, and kitchen operations in several types of dining outlets.


Beverage department includes bar operations, coffee (barista) training,  cashier, and beverage design and recipes development. 


Bakery is specialized in technical baking knowledge and operation within the bakery department. This includes preparation process as well as execution.


Service sector deals with customer relations, and coordination between kitchen, beverage, and bakery sections to ensure smooth operation between all departments